My life revolves around four passions: language, art, travel and nature. Expressing myself in them is essential: by writing, photography and ceramics.

I also have many lives. In 1997, I decided (even more? again?) to follow my heart and set up my own workshop for making ceramic sculptures and objects. In parallel, I devoted myself to writing: articles, stories, blogs ... Between one step and another ... because the horizon is always luring ... A traveler, I am ...

Both, in my sculptures and in my articles and stories, I try to capture the essence of what moves people, literally and figuratively. Moreover, I am drawn to the dark side of existence: life-ridden, tormented souls.

Also my other – non-sculptural – works show a dark touch. The smoke fired work exudes a desolate atmosphere. Beautifully serene. The beauty of impermanence.

My 'free' nature and landscape photographs exude a rather impressionistic atmosphere, sometimes heavier in tone, sometimes a bit dreamy or light-hearted. Just as serene.